A Canticle for the Fallen

How far would you go to change the past?

After four years in exile, Raziel is forced to return to his homeland, Renas. Meeting a companion who shares his abilities, he sets off to find the rumoured ‘Lady in White’, an enigmatic woman who promises an end to the persecution of their kind.

Raziel is soon faced with a terrible choice over life and death. He bears serious wounds, and the path ahead grows ever more violent. Wracked with indecision, and with his soul in turmoil, he sets off on a bloody mission.

Will his pain lead him to the light, or will the shadows claim his scarred soul?

Set in a grim world of emotion-based magic and twisted fates, this is the second book in the Aria of Steel trilogy. We recommend reading A Canticle of Two Souls to avoid spoilers.

© 2018 Steven Raaymakers

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