A Canticle of Two Souls

When a sword whispers of sweet revenge and power, who could resist wielding it?

Raziel watched the Rhotian Empire slaughter his family. A sentient sword promises him the head of the emperor, fuelling his rage. Sword in hand, he carves a bloody path toward the capital.

Forced together by a cruel twist of fate, a warchild named Alicia joins him. Cursed to hear emotions as music, she can manipulate anyone's deepest urges to her will. Together, they fight the Empire and their own internal demons as they travel North.

Political intrigue already plagues the Empire. The recent events stir the Emperor’s growing paranoia and pushes him to extremes.

The blade is taking over Raziel’s mind, and Alicia’s turbulent powers grow ever stronger. Soldiers and violent mercenaries scour the land for the two teens. Mysterious banshees hunt them through the night.Earthly armies, supernatural beasts, and their own demons threaten to bring them down before they can find the answers they seek.

A Canticle of Two Souls is the first novel in the Aria of Steel trilogy. This low-fantasy coming of age tale is the origin story for the two protagonists and leads into an adventure that spans two more novels. The second book is set for a 2019 release date.

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