A magic sword forged of a demon. A broken boy seeking revenge.

Raziel watched the Rhotian Empire slaughter his family. When a sentient sword promises him the head of the emperor, Raziel carves a bloody path in an epic journey across a land filled with banshees and mercenaries in pursuit of his revenge.

But forced to travel with a strange young woman with a dark past, will Raziel even reach his destination?

Alicia has plans of her own. Gifted with a terrible magic that can bend others to her will, she also has revenge on her mind and Raziel in her sights. Can two enemies put aside their differences to seek a higher goal, or will mistrust and inner-demons condemn their fates? Magic is a dangerous thing. So is hope.

The Aria of Steel Trilogy is a heavy-metal power ballad of clashing blades, blood-soaked betrayal, and sweet revenge.

Will you join the fight?